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about the creator

David Welek

has been a professional fitness trainer over twenty years and intensely studying, applying, and/or teaching yoga and martial arts for over a combined 25 years.  through experimentation and extensive research in components of these exercise modalities, a completely unique system of personal development has been created. never before have training sequences been presented firmly rooted in yoga integrated with martial arts through the careful lens of a seasoned fitness specialist.  This style of training has been introduced to and practiced by individuals from all walks of life, including athletes from the PGA, NBA, the mixed martial arts (UFC and WEC), MLB, NCAA Football NCAA lacrosse, and high school athletes of all sports.  

Black dragon yoga is a challenge beyond simply transforming the form and function of the body structure.  it is a discipline for the physical, mental and spiritual, as well.  

In order to ensure the message of Black Dragon Yoga was unveiled in its purest envisioned form, David composed and produced the original soundtrack and crafted every artistic design element used in presenting the dvd, Black dragon yoga: the foundation series.  the music can be found under the artist name, shakava, and can be listened to on various sources including spotify, itunes, pandora, soundcloud, etc.

david's mission is to not only provide a completely unique personal development experience but to help people unlock their unrealized potential and achieve goals that had never before seemed possible.