Welcome to Black Dragon Yoga, a new style of training born out of the wisdom of both martial arts and yoga.  Those seeking personal development in any aspect can benefit from this system.  This site will introduce you to Black Dragon Yoga, whose practice and philosophy is launched in the now available DVD, "Black Dragon Yoga: Foundation Series", the very first of its kind.  I'm excited to finally be able to share this new and unique system outside of my training facility.  The Foundation Series focuses on the physical body and developing its structure.  

 Future volumes will address other methods and modes of personal transformation.

  I've taught this style with great success to people from all walks of life including athletes from the PGA, NBA, the mixed martial arts (UFC and WEC), MLB, NCAA Football, and high school athletes of all sports.  The Foundation Series is an advanced routine designed for more athletically inclined individuals looking for new challenging movements to take their training to the next level.  

I open this home to all consciously seeking to evolve.  Your time is now.

David Welek, Creator


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Photography by Dylan Hollingsworth